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Reviews and Testimonials

SailTime is an exclusive boating club membership that gives you the freedom of regular, flexible time on the water

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Audrey H.

Oceanis 35 Annapolis

My 5 girlfriends and I went out on a Sunset Sail with Gordon. He was so welcoming and fun. We had an absolute blast and can’t wait to do it again. We brought drinks and food- which I would recommend since 3-4 hours is a while on the water. The boat itself was extremely nice and comfortable. He had a stereo system that we could hook our phone up too, a mini-fridge, restroom, and outlets to charge our phones (you know it’s important!) I highly recommend SailTime and try to get in with Gordon if you can!

Emily M.

Oceanis 38 Annapolis

We really enjoyed our four hour sailing course. Captain Gary was knowledgeable about sailing and a lot of other interesting things. He explained how various things work and let us do as much or as little as we liked. We were absolute beginners, so it was fun just to see sailing in action and to be part of it. Our one mistake, which was not SailTime’s fault, was not bringing food or drinks (we brought water, but beer or wine and snacks would have been more fun). So pack some provisions if you go for the sailing class!