The Sharing Economy and Boating


The “sharing economy” is a buzzword that you frequently hear these days. Companies like Uber, Airbnb and Lyft are household names that all participate in and benefit from the sharing economy.


What does the term “sharing economy” actually mean? People have shared assets with each other for thousands of years. Before it was monetized and conducted at a macro level, the sharing economy was alive and well. You have probably participated in the sharing economy at some level without even realizing that you were participating. Have you ever borrowed a neighbor’s tool, or crashed on a friend’s couch for a night? If so, you have participated in the sharing economy on a micro level.


Of course, the internet made the ability to share typically underused assets a much more feasible prospect. Typically, the sharing economy, from a business perspective, is best utilized for higher value assets that are not in use all the time.


Walk through a marina on any given day. How many boats simply sit in a slip, only to be used a handful of times per season? The opportunity for the sharing economy to enter the boating market is still ripe. Boats are an underutilized high-value asset, which makes boating the perfect segment for the sharing economy to be implemented. Enter SailTime.


SailTime, founded in 2001, was part of the original group of companies involved in making the “sharing economy” a household word. It has, and continues to afford opportunities to participate in the sharing economy to several kinds of people:


  • A boat owner
  • A boat user
  • An entrepreneur


From a ­boat owner’s­ perspective, SailTime allows him or her the ability to purchase a boat that they own 100% and place it with SailTime to be used by other boaters, while still maintaining a generous amount of personal use. In doing this, the owner of the boat reaps the benefits of not having to pay typical boating costs such as slip fees, insurance, maintenance, etc. AND receives the benefit of an actual return on the investment of a boat purchase. To learn more about SailTime Boat Ownership, click HERE. (click through link to ownership section on ST site – should pull up a new tab)


As a boater, SailTime gives you guaranteed time on a new model yacht all season long for one low monthly membership fee. Imagine being able to schedule time aboard a yacht easily via an app, and when you arrive at the dock the yacht is ready, just waiting for you to take her out. Then return to the dock, step off and walk away. For SailTime Members, this is their reality. Boating in its easiest and purest form! For more information about SailTime Membership, Click HERE. (click through link to membership section on ST site – should pull up a new tab)



For an entrepreneur, SailTime offers the ability to own a franchise in a local boating market. Again, walk your local docks, look at the spiderwebs on the dock lines or the waterline “hair” on the boats. These are signs of a potentially rewarding business opportunity in your area. Imagine being able to share the experience of getting out on the water while making a business of it! SailTime offers the ability for you to own your own business, while having the backup support from a group of business owners who have chosen to build their business around SailTime’s motto, “your boat is ready when you are”. If this opportunity excites you then learn more about the opportunity HERE. (click through link to business ownership section on ST site – should pull up a new tab)

So, what are you waiting for? Want to be involved in the sharing economy? Kick back and check out SailTime. We offer an opportunity for virtually any boater or dreamer to become involved!