SailTime University

SailTime has the largest network of professional sailing schools in the world. With 30 schools certifying students to the American Sailing Association (ASA), and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) standards, we are able to take the best techniques and materials from each school and share them with you. So when you choose a SailTime sailing school, you are getting access to knowledge and best practices from around the world.

And once you earn your certification, the next step is to just go sailing! Much like learning a new language, you will need real world experience to become proficient. SailTime Membership is the perfect way for new sailors to take the helm.

SailTime Sailing School

At a SailTime sailing school, you can be assured that you will be learning on the highest quality yachts available. Safe, clean, and comfortable, your experience on the water will be an enjoyable one. In addition, you’ll be learning to use the latest electronics and safety equipment on our modern Beneteau and Jeanneau sailboats.

SailTime instructors go through a rigorous training and testing process and are further vetted as great teachers. We only hire the best.

Our members and students are busy people who want to get the most out of their time on the water, so our smaller class sizes facilitate a more productive learning environment. You will get plenty of time at the helm, cranking the winches, and getting your questions answered. With an emphasis on seamanship, boat systems, and cruising, you will soon be ready to head out on your own!

Why Certify?



Learning to sail safely and in a professional and supportive environment will build your skills and confidence quickly, and it will keep it fun!



Learning to sail based on a logically sequenced curriculum will help you understand “why” you are doing something, not just “how”.



Certifications are required by SailTime and other charter companies before they will allow you to take the boats.