Membership sailing at SailTime provides all of the pleasures without any of the hassles or traditional costs associated with sailboat ownership.

When you join SailTime you pay only a fraction of the costs because you are a Member of a professionally managed yacht. Instead of spending half of your time cleaning and fixing things, you just go sailing. We take care of all the rest!

SailTime Membership Keeps Your Life Flexible

Visit another SailTime base across the country or around the world and enjoy sailing there. Take a sailing vacation with one of our charter partners in a tropical destination at a lower price than others. These are just a few of the “hidden” joys you will learn to appreciate.

SailTime Membership Also Compares Favorably To Bareboat Charter.

Your cost per use with SailTime is significantly less for a comparable charter boat. Scheduling is open 24/7 and is instant. And you’ll be completely familiar with your membership boat; no confusion about where safety gear is kept.

See what SailTime membership levels are available

Membership vs. Ownership Chart
Membership vs. Charter Chart