Choose the SailTime membership level that is right for you!

We have removed all the barriers to sailing in your local waterway without the hassle of commitment of boat ownership! We offer 3 affordable levels of Membership for you to consider.

7 uses/month Classic Membership

7 uses/month Classic Membership is our most popular level. Sailors love it because it offers the most flexible and affordable “full time” sailing option on the water. More sailing time than any other club or charter offering in the world! Not only do you have plenty of time allotted to you each month, you can bank time to string together a multi-day cruise. Classic Members can also jump on their boat with short notice using our “as available” 36 hour rule which waives the usage rules when you reserve your sailing time inside 36 hours of your departure time.

3 uses/month Lite Membership

3 uses/month Lite Membership is perfect for the sailor who doesn’t have much time to sail. Kid’s soccer games, golf, work; they can take over your weekends, making it hard to do what’s important, sail! We also find this level to be a good way for someone to start sailing who isn’t sure how much time they are going to be able to devote. Lite members are allocated 3 uses every month, then have the ability to buy additional time within 24 hours.

Crew Membership

What if you’re not ready to take the helm? With our Crew membership, sailors can be the crew during 2 prescheduled sailing adventures every month. Sailing with the guidance and support of a USCG licensed Captain, crew members gain the additional instruction, confidence and experience to develop the skills needed to skipper a boat on their own in the future. Crew Members also get added to our Crew Connection system. When one of our SailTime members needs an “extra pair of hands” they can invite you for a sail.

All three levels use our online scheduling system, all three have access to SailTime Plus when they travel, and all three use the same well-equipped sail and powerboats. Choose the one that fits your life and start boating today!

*Crew Membership available in participating SailTime locations only

Check our FAQs for more info or schedule your tour at a SailTime location near you!